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The Lying Truth by Angandeep Chatterjee

Angandeep Chatterjee's The Lying Truth springboards the premise's prompt into a tale of

survival and deception, all while a good, old-fashioned Conan Doyle-spin to it. The journey from

the setup to its surprise revelations makes it a thrilling read

The First Year Fiasco by Angandeep Chatterjee

"A scintillating mystery crime thriller, with sharp and observant crime solving college students as protagonists. I am sure you will want to be part of it…”


Doctor Aarnay and The Case of Numbers by Angandeep Chatterjee

A really interesting psychological thriller, well executed with finesse. Waiting for more stories in the series of Dr Arnay.

The Thanksgiving Revenge by Angandeep Chatterjee

Awesome storyline.Its One sit reading with great hooking lines to compell you read the next page instantly.Really a mystery till the end.Awesome twist at the end . 5 out of 5 thanksgiving read for me...would recommend to my friends as well.Keep it up.

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