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The First Year Fiasco

Two deaths and mysterious shadows turn a fun engineering college into a place of fear.

Panagarh Institute of Engineering & Management welcomes the new batch for First Year Engineering students. Among them is the young and enthusiast Aratrika Roy, who joined the residential hostel along with others. The newfound independence works well for her until a student goes missing and a professor dies on the campus. Things take a sudden turn as she witnesses a questionable person visiting the girl's hostel late at night and the same person being followed by a suspicious shadow. The police investigation starts when the same shadow is seen later inside the girl's hostel after midnight, trying to steal something. Aratrika, being a fan of detective novels, tries to find the truth behind the piling up mysteries in college and stumbles upon something she never should have. She learns the hard way that appearances can be deceptive.

Will she be able to find the truth or perish trying? Does the disappearance of two more students affect the hostel and college life of hundreds of students in the Engineering College?

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