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A visit to Blrlitfest2018(Bangalore Literature Fest)

Hello folks, back after a two weeks break. In between was busy in the Durga Puja, as well as some other ventures. I apologize for not being available for writing any new topics of updating anything in the blog. With office works, household chores and writing sometimes it becomes difficult to actually get time for updating in the blog.

However, in between got a chance to visit one of the most interesting places for me as an author. Yesterday, on October 28th 2018, I went to the Bangalore Literature Fest, specifically in the author pitch event.

Believe me when I say that every new author, struggling authors and anybody who loves a book needs to visit this fest.

This has been an education to me and I believe to all who has been a part of this fest on last Sunday. I have seen people pitching their stories to publishers and publishing agents like - Shantanu Raychoudhury from pengiun RandomHouse, Karthika V from Amazon Westland, Poonam and many others. I have seen how the pitching even goes, how the synopsis is created, or specifically what the publishers look for in a synopsis. I have learnt how to pitch or hook the publishers, what they look for actually when an author submits his/her work.

I have seen discussions on different topics ranging from science fictions to fantasy to mystery. I have seen people trying to pitch the publishers on their non-fiction books, translation works and many other. I have spoken to publishers on different kinds of genres, different topics, different books.

All in all, it was one of the most educative experiences for me as a reader or an author. I would advice anybody who likes to read or write to visit the Litmart once to know how the event goes, and what impact it can have as on you as an author or a reader.

I will share more details in my next post on Friday.

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