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5 Must Watch Movies

Hello Everybody. For a week I had been busy with my work on a new novel, and was not able to be online for creating new posts.

However, today I bring you a list of movies which are must watch for anybody who likes to watch movies.

We all like movies for our entertainment, right? But there are some movies which ensure that its viewers would think about it, would recommend it to other people for watching, would highly praise it. So here is a list of 5 movies, which are must watch for any person who loves movies and who like to be baffled and thinking about the story at the end of the movie, praising it highly.


The movie Angels & Demons was taken from the bestseller novel of Dan Brown with the same name. Vatican is attacked with a new kind of weapon which can destroy the city in a matter of seconds. Its upto Robert Langdon to find the weapon and Vittoria Vetra to find this weapon and save Vatican. On top of this, the weapon was stolen by an ultra secret brotherhood who was supposed to have been destroyed in the 1700s. But from the shadows they have come, and they seek revenge on Vatican.

This movie has been one of the best movies that was filmed based on Dan Brown's stories and a must watch for Mystery lovers.


Famous for the acting of Heath Ledger and Christian Bell as Joker and Batman respectively, this is still the best Batman movie ever created. The character of Joker was personified creatively by Heath Ledger and made alive in front of the viewers. Add to that the fight scenes of Batman flying around through the city and the entry of Two-Face at the second half of the movie, along with unfortunate death of one of the important characters of Batman's life, and its a full package.

For the lovers of superheroes, this is a must watch movie. And as a Batman fan, this movie should never be missed.


One of the best movies to inspire anyone who is not happy with his life and work is Will Smith's Pursuit of Happiness. The film is based on the true story of a stockbroker- Chris Gardener and shows the hardships he had gone through before becoming a successful stockbroker.

The father son due of the Smiths have acted perfectly in this movie. They both were awesome showing the life of Mr. Gardener. The story moves through grief, sadness, hardships, failure and then getting up and creating your road to happiness. Especially the scene where Will Smith comes out at last and claps his hands is one of the most emotional moments in the history of movies.

So, for anyone who wants to be inspired, this is a perfect movie to watch for.


A good plot matches an outstanding performance in the Movie - The Imitation Game. Based on the true story of the father of computers - Alan Tuning, this movie gives insights on the hard calls made during the Second World War.

Alan Tuning tries to break the German Enigma code which can ultimately help America win the war. But at what cost?

The outstanding acting of Benedict Cumberbatch makes the character of Alan Tuning more alive to the viewers. For the people who wants to know some insights of the second world war along with why Alan Tuning is called the father of Computers, this movie is a must watch.


The number one movie in this list is Predestination.

A sci-fi movie, specifically based on Time Travel, this is a movie that would make anyone think long after watching the movie. This is a movie which actually makes the viewers think if what they watched is correct or wrong.

A writer meets a bartender in a particular bar in 1973 where the former tells his story of loss and grief. But its the next part that makes this movie more interesting. Without a concentrated watch, it would be impossible to understand what exactly is happening in the movie. But its the climax that blows everybody's minds.

Anyone who likes Sci-fi movies, this is the best movie anyone can watch.

I know there are lot other movies that could be told as best movies including- Inception, avengers movies, Narnia, Hobbit etc, but these are the 5 must watch movie list that I thought of sharing with my readers.

Let me know if you like this list and if you need me to add more of the movies for 10 best movies of all time.

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