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So, everybody has a to read list at some point of time,right??? Be it a reader or an author, we all wait for a new book to come up, or get excited to know that there's more in a series that we are all following.

Many people also follow the author himself to know which book is coming up next and what all surprises he has got for us this time. Well guys, like everybody, I also have read list for the month of October.

Here it is :

1. The Three Secret Cities (Jack West Series)

Ever since the first book of the Jack West series had come up, namely - Seven Ancient Wonders in 2005, we all have been waiting for more actions from Jack West Jr. And Matthew Reilly didn't disappoint us. He created three more stories in the series - Six Sacred Stones, Five Greatest Warriors and Four Legendary Kingdoms. Now comes the fifth installment of the action adventure archaeological series.

In this book, it seems that this book also contains the same explosive storyline as that of the other books. World ending, death nearby and a shadow world to be explored. I am very much excited to see what Jack does this time to actually find the legendary hidden cities which were mentioned in the last book. With Hades in his side, his daughter Lily and wife Zoe, and a band of loyal friends, how he overcomes all the obstacles and find the legendary cities seems to be the storyline for this book.

Currently its available for pre-order in Amazon and will be published in November 8th. but I am hoping to get my hands on this book before that in the month of October somehow.

In meantime, if anyone has any more information related to this, do let me know.

2. Everyone Has a Story -2

The sequel to the 2015 bestseller Everyone has a story came in my hands last week only. I was fortunate to meet the author, Savi Sharma, in her booklaunch event in Bangalore and to get my hands on her latest book.

The story of Meera, Veevan, Kabir and Nisha had been etched in mind from 2015 when I first read Everyone Has a Story. The plot and the writing was a very beautiful one, relating to our everyday life. And that was the magic of this book. As a result, I am excited to get into the next chapters of the lives of Meera, Veevan, Kabir and Nisha in the latest book - Everyone has a Story-2.

Though already I have the book, it seems this month has more things for me in store related to my own book coming up soon, than to actually read this one. A regret nonetheless, but I would definitely find time in starting of October to complete this one quick and getting inspired.

3. The Spear of Atlantis (Wilde/Chase 14)

The 14th adventure of our well known Archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband Eddie Chase by Andy Mcdermott, is coming up this month end, on 20th September 2018. I am all geared up to get my hands on this one and read it as quickly as possible.

The first book of the series - The Hunt For Atlantis had come up 11 years ago, in 2011. And from then on, it seems Nina Wilde's life is somehow always connected to the underwater city Atlantis itself. She had to return to the spot of Atlantis in the 8th installment of the series- Temple of the Gods in 2011 and it seems that in this current adventure also, she needs to go back to Atlantis to save the world from an ancient weapon.

So I am all excited about this book as well. How about others?

4. Disappearance of Sally Sequeira(Janardan Maity)

Though this book has already been available from June 2018, but it was only recently that I finished the earlier one in the series.

I was introduced to Detective Janardan Maity by my wife when she bought me the first book of the series - Penumbra, which actually blew my mind totally.

It was one of those rare detective stories, which felt near to home. The description, the deduction and the crime itself was something which we had not expected. The second book - Here Falls the Shadow, was also something where every minute it felt like something is going to happen. An engaging read nonetheless.

This installment seems to deal with a crime which has not even happened yet. And that's where the curiosity of the readers are. I, like others, am curious to know how and what happened.

How about the others? Do you guys have any reading list for October? And does any of the above among them? If not also, let me know what you guys are planning to read next month. Maybe I will get some ideas from your reads.

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