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“Friendship or companionship is similar to diffraction of light. If the bond is strong, then the amount of bending is almost negligible.

Angandeep Kumar Chatterjee



Engineer by profession,Writer by passion

Angandeep Kr Chatterjee is the author of the short story "The Thanksgiving Revenge" featured in the October 2020 issue of Ariel Chart Magazine, "The Viral Thief" featured in the June 2021 issue of Egophobia, and "The Game Of Time" to be published by Black Hare Press, Special Mention in Bookotopia Short Story Contest 2021 for the story "The Lying Truth" and one-time finalist each for the Storytelling contests Inspitale and the 2020 TU-Dublin-Short-Story-Competition. His mystery & suspense story "The Irony of Fate" ranked third in the 2021 December contest.

He received the prestigious "Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award" in 2022 from a renowned Government recognized Institution and DRDC.

An IT professional by day and Novelist by night, he is writing his crime thriller series alongside other short stories of different tastes and genres.

His Double Murder Crime thriller: The First Year Fiasco " is available on Amazon Now.

He was born and brought up in Kolkata, the city of Joy in India, where he still lives with his family.

Apart from his IT job and writing novels, he is a full-time reader and a travel fanatic. To find more about him and his upcoming books, follow his website

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