Holiday Mystery: The life of 5 friends take a quick turn when they plan to spend their fall holiday in a farmhouse.

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Sudden death never comes announced.


That was the last thought of Harry as he glanced at his feet. He was trying to shout, but his voice got buried totally as his mouth was stuffed with mud and dust, choking him. He was trying to get himself out of the claws of certain death, but there was nothing he could do except watch helplessly.

‘Mmmmmm….mmmmmmm.’ The muffled sound was the only thing that could come out of his throat while gagging him.

His eyes widened as his feet went under, followed by his abdomen. Even lying down straight hasn't helped.
Ordinarily, in such kind of situations, sprawling down is the best option, but not this time.


This time it was the end. Harry could feel the grip all around his body as bit by bit he was sucked away from the world.

And nobody would ..............................


If you do not hope,you will not find what is beyond your hopes    

Clement of Alexandria



Engineer by profession,Writer by passion

Hi! I am Angandeep, writer of this blog. 


I come from a middle-class family, living in south Kolkata and have grown-up reading storybooks. Every year, I used to wait eagerly for new kid-magazines of Durga puja and, I solely believe those books have left an engraving in my heart. And it is immensely responsible for my dream to write my own book.

The lust to become a writer has never been dull in me, despite the mundane coding, courtesy to my engineering profession. Writing gives me the freedom to fly in my dreamland.

My passion to read books came from my dad, and it turned into dream overtime to see me, on the other side of the page, where I will  take the readers on a thrilling journey.

I love reading fiction novels since childhood, and that genre has somehow influenced my writing the most.

History, Action, Mystery, Adventure, Thriller, all these are part of my interests, as well as my writing. 

This blog is planned purely for my readers and wellwishers who would love to take a troll in the land of action, mystery, and thrillventure, holding my hand.

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